Our tips to help combat condensation

by | May 23, 2022

Condensation within a home for many tenants is an ongoing problem, with the issue become worse in the colder Winter months.

We meet many tenants at their homes as always keen to pass on our tips to help combat condensation and ensure they have the knowledge in dealing with it day to day.

We will look to make recommendations to both the landlord and tenant as often there are elements of the property we can improve to further assist; a great example is making sure the extractor in the bathroom is doing its job properly!

Listed below are our top tips!

Opening windows – Open windows when cooking and in the bathroom to prevent steam build-up. In the colder months make sure they aren’t left open too long as to bring down the temperature of the room too much!

Avoid drying clothes inside – When possible, always dry clothes outdoors as much as possible and avoid over radiators. If drying clothes outside is not an option, we recommend to dry clothing in a well-ventilated room with the door closed.

Furniture position – Walls need to ‘breath’ as such and by leaving a space between the furniture and the wall this allows air to easily flow.

Cooking – Cook with pan lids on and turn the heat down once the water starts to boil.

Closing doors – After a shower or bath, always keep the door closed for a period of time afterwards as allows the bathroom to cool naturally and prevent steam spreading to other rooms.

Excess moisture – When excessive water is produced eg showering, we would recommend wiping down all surfaces to help prevent mould growth forming.

Extractors – Make sure they are always used and not turned off; they are there for a reason!

There is lots of information available with regards to condensation and we distribute a leaflet to our tenants. If you would like a copy of this, please email us and we will happily forward one enquiries@propertymoves.co.uk

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