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Shelby has been incredibly helpful! She replied always immediately for my messages and answered straight away for my questiones! Highly recommended!

2019-01-14 12:00:05

J Wright

We're really pleased with the continued great service. We have been using Property Moves for many years now & would completely recommend them.

2019-01-11 15:48:54

Miss L Wells

I have been a tenant with Property Moves fot almost a year now and during this time Jill has shown such amazing help and support when my family and I have needed it.

2019-01-11 09:15:42

G. Thomason of Brighton, Actually

Shelby and Jez have proven to be friendly, efficient and knowledgeable and have made this stage of our move across town a speedy and enjoyable process. All dealings with staff over the phone, via email and in person (thank you Gemma for showing us the flat) have been highly professional as well as friendly and personable. Hugely recommend these guys if you're on the move!

2019-01-10 14:19:01

Donna H

When looking for a rental property, Jez was the only agent to regularly keep in contact me not only on how my search was going but to check on how my own rental was progressing. Fantastic customer service and genuine honest help.

2019-01-03 15:00:05


*Very bad experience with this agency..at least if you are tenant! It is a nightmare to take your money back! Of course dont even think that they will give you all the deposit back...they will do everything to give to the landlord your deposit as gift!! Of course, they dont do anything to help you with any problems! They are interested only about the reviews! Bad experience.

2019-01-02 12:50:42


Victoria has been amazing on numerous occasions. Issues have been dealt with promptly and with a professional attitude. Victoria has always gone above and beyond and we have been impressed. We would definitely recommend Property Moves.

2018-12-31 22:00:01


Property Moves have been one of the most friendly and efficient letting agents I've rented from in Brighton. Jill in particular is always responsive and helpful.

2018-12-28 15:12:40


Jill has always been kind and understanding and made sure I got my deposit back immediately after finishing the tenancy. She is the prime reason I would choose Property Moves again.

2018-12-28 15:10:50


Outstanding performance by Warren, Jez and Nathan and excellent admin from Shelby. I was blown away by getting payment notification within 30 minutes of tenant sign up and finding the money in my account next day

2018-12-14 09:00:01

Vedran Hajder

Once my wife and myself have chosen the apartment to rent, Shelby was very friendly and patient with us. We had so many questions and emails sent over to her and she was on top of everything, replying to us immediately and very helpfully. Definitely highly recomended.

2018-12-11 10:38:51


Matthew proactively helped me find potential flats that would suit my needs and efficiently organised viewings to make sure I don't miss a chance. Very helpful. Thanks Matthew! Karla was very polite and professionally answered all my questions about the tenancy contract.

2018-12-08 11:00:03


I rented a house in Hove with Property Moves for 2.5 years and I found the quality of service extremely poor. I have a long litany of complaints which I am too weary to detail here but my main concern was their inability to follow up problems with the property. For example, a bathroom leak which came through the kitchen ceiling took over a year before full resolution. Furthermore, I had issues such as contractors letting themselves in to the property unannounced. On a number of occasions when I raised a concern I felt there was an underlying message about not wanting to upset the landlord which I felt was unprofessional and even subtly threatening. I would not recommend this company.

2018-12-07 16:17:03

John Martin

We always receive the best possible service from Property Moves when letting out our properties. All staff members go above and beyond the day to day to deliver a first class, dedicated service, ensuring that both our new tenants and ourselves are kept up to date at every step. We wouldn't go anywhere else.

2018-12-07 09:00:02


Having never rented before I found the process rather daunting until I came across a property with Property Lets. Jez and Nathan put me at ease and their customer service was excellent. Thank you, it has been a pleasure working with you and I am looking forward to many years in my new home.

2018-12-06 23:00:02


A bright light in the sometimes murky world of Brighton & Hove letting agents. From the moment we met Jez (and his magnificent beard) at the viewing, to the presentation of the keys by the lovely Shelby, we were impressed by the personal service we were given. Administration issues were sorted out quickly in a professional manner and both Jez and Shelby were always on hand to offer advice and give support. Over all, a positive experience.

2018-12-05 15:38:38

Paul Lau

I have been recommended by a friend to entrust Property Moves to manage my letting house, I found they are very helpful, friendly, well organised and responsible, also management fee is much cheaper than any others. GOOD !

2018-12-04 15:26:31

Stephanie Chan

Very friendly agency. Staff are nice. Shelby does our paper work right, sometimes may not receive reply soon but they will sort out the things we need soon. Explain everything clearly. I would recommend property moves

2018-12-03 11:19:46


I have recently used Property Moves to rent my flat, they have been super efficient, from the beginning and have taken all the stress from the process. They found me a tenant really quickly, organised everything necessary and all the staff I have dealt with have been really helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend them.

2018-11-30 17:03:43

David Perry

The team at Property Moves have exceeded my expectations. Jez has dealt brilliantly with any queries I have had and has been extremely efficient in organising viewings on the property which led to a successful and problem free rental period. I really can say that I would highly recommend this company due to its totally professional approach and friendly service.

2018-11-29 10:51:53

Mark W

I recently moved to the property shop from another Brighton letting agent, it was the best decision I made. All of the team are super friendly, really responsive and happy to help with even smallest query. Takes the pressure away from property management for me as I don't live locally. Keep up the excellent work team.

2018-11-27 22:00:01


Having used various letting agents in the past, each with their strengths and weaknesses, since moving to PM I can state that I find no weaknesses. Bravo.

2018-11-27 10:16:43


Amazing people they made my life much easier everything was sorted out really quickly and they were really helpful I would highly recommend them thank you guys for my amazing new house

2018-11-26 13:55:22

Kirk Flat 3

I couldn't recommend them highly enough as my letting agent/landlord. Attentive to any issues I had through maintenance, plus dealt with as soon as possible. Understanding of life's changes in circumstances and able to make you feel reassured in your rental home. Great service in Hove branch and wouldn't hesitate to rent from them again should I need to. Many thanks to Jill for sorting the maintenance out over the years and Graham for the understanding check out at the end.

2018-11-22 10:52:33


I recently had an emergency flat issue where I came home to find my ceiling covered in water and dripping. If it wasn't for Jill's swift response and ingenuity, the situation could have ended up being much worse. But I am happy to say that it was handled and my home and belongings are fine. What's stands out though, is not the logistics of sorting out the situation, but the way Jill handled it. She literally turned up to help me. She showed me kindness, compassion and reassurance. Thank you Jill for being awesome!

2018-11-19 21:00:03


The team at property give me the confidence to forget about my properties, knowing that they are in experienced capable hands. The staff are polite, efficient, and able to advise professionally on any issues that arise thereby affording me with peace of mind regarding my properties. Thank you !!

2018-11-19 11:29:54


Fantastic property management could not ask for a better team to look after property and Jill in particular always goes the extra mile.

2018-11-19 11:29:31


Nathan has been incredibly helpful. He assisted me with every need and understood what I wanted. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an agent that really wants to help his customers.

2018-11-19 11:03:24


Carla has really been very helpful with all the paperwork, the move related information, her customer service has been excellent, extremely courteous Jez Williams as agent was very respectful and very easy to converse

2018-11-16 15:00:22


Property Moved have looked after my house in Brighton for approx 10 years and although there have been ups and downs with Tenants they have always tried to help in an efficient and professional manner - and give sound advice

2018-11-15 15:02:15


One of the properties I rent out via Property Moves is an older property and as such present maintenance issues regularly. I am grateful when Jill is involved, as I know from experience that she will own the issue until it's resolved. She keeps me informed at all key stages, ensuring I am aware there is an issue, when the contractor is involved, to seek approval of the estimate, when the work is scheduled and when it is done. There is never a need for me to chase and I'm the rare event there is any delay, Jill will keep me posted of that too. Keep up the good work Jill and thank you for your tenacity and professionalism. Kind regards, Barbara

2018-11-14 13:54:14


My partner and I have been renting a flat via Property Moves for the past 18 months. Communication has always been effortless over email and Jill and Shelby have always been great in helping us with any issues in the building. They have always been friendly, reliable and prompt.

2018-11-12 19:00:08


When I contact with property moves they are always so helpful. Last I contact with Shelby and she helped me heartily and immediately. Thank you.

2018-11-12 16:36:33


Since Victoria has worked at PM she has always been polite, professional and extremely helpful. She always has time for you and deals with any query swiftly and always professionally. It is lovely to have someone on the other end of the phone who is so friendly and doesn't make you feel as though you are an inconvenience. Thank you Victoria!

2018-11-12 11:38:08


I have and am continuing to receive an excellent professional landlord service from this company. My special thanks and appreciation goes to Jill Brewster who has always delivered the best service I could have expected.

2018-11-12 11:06:53

Mr D. Brighton

I can recommend Property Moves as an excellent property managers who have looked after my house and tenants for many years without fault. Always attentive and well organised they have never let me down.

2018-11-12 10:53:16

Goncalo Loureiro

Massive THANK YOU to Property Moves, especially Victoria Harvey. We've been a tenants for 3 years with this agency and Victoria has always gone the extra mile to help us everything we needed, she's always been very professional and very understanding. Most important is that this agency have treated us with respect and as people not just as a number on a peace of paper.

2018-11-09 14:21:33


We have used these Letting Agents (as Landlords) for many years and have always found them to be extremely professional. Even when we have had 'issues' with tenants, they have dealt with any problems efficiently and taken the pressure from us. I feel very confident in recommending this Agency who have been in business for many years and definitely appreciate their customers. We have mainly dealt with Graham and Jill who have always been very helpful but when we have had to deal with any other member of staff, have always been happy with the way they have attended to matters. Would not hesitate to recommend this Agency.

2018-11-09 13:00:10


I have been with PM as a client for over 10 years and I can not recommend them highly enough. The whole team are great but Jill in particular (in the management dept) stands out. Jill (with her team) handles everything that's thrown at her with aplomb. If you are thinking of letting you should meet the team and I have no doubt you will be impressed.

2018-11-09 10:18:02

AMS management.

Restored faith in estate agents. Professionalism,efficiency and diligence . Congratulations for a worthy recognition. Always returns email requests,queries and dealt with straight away. Well done and Thankyou.

2018-11-08 23:00:05

Amanda and Virginia

We lived in a flat managed by Property Moves for one year, between September 2017 and September 2018. We loved our flat. It was absolutely beautiful and the location was perfect, but our overall experiences with Property Moves left a lot to be desired. Having read a lot of reviews on Google and other places, it seems that many people have had a positive experience, but we definitely did not. In retrospect, we've been questioning why we were treated poorly and often just ignored—perhaps this was because we were international students (Americans) doing a one-year master's at Sussex? To illustrate the reason for our negative review, here is a list of some of the specific incidents and inconveniences that peppered our tenancy and left us with a generally bitter taste in our mouths. 1. When we moved in, the flat was extremely dirty. There was construction dust on practically every surface. The windows were grimy and smudged inside and out, and there were smudges on doors and doorknobs throughout. The kitchen was the worst. It seemed as though nobody had bothered to clean the flat since the previous tenants left—or perhaps they did not leave it to standard—but we made notes of all of this on the initial inventory because all told, it took three people and about three full days to clean. 2. Upon moving in, we noticed that three of the windows in our flat (which faced the seafront) were loose/crooked on their frames, creating a crack which allowed for a significant breeze, and even water to seep in when it rained hard. One was missing a handle. We requested repair works immediately, and while it did eventually get taken care of, it was like pulling teeth. It seemed like the follow-up/chasing down the contractor/approving the works with the landlord was complicated beyond the ability of PM to handle. It took such a long time and required us to call both PM and the contractor for any information- we were always kept in the dark about what exactly was going on. (Eventually we got tired of this and requested to be contacted ANY time PM had an update for us—which they complied with, for the most part.) 3. Water leak issue: this one is almost comical. About a month into our tenancy, we noticed a damp spot near the ceiling of our toilet wall, as if there were a leak from the flat above. We took pictures and sent them to PM immediately, assuming this was cause for great concern. Well, PM contacted our block management company who then contacted us… but it was like playing telephone. PM reported it as a leak from our flat, Austin Rees took a very long time to follow up, we followed up with both parties who got their signals so crossed that nobody knew what was going on anymore. Even the lady upstairs got involved (and blamed us for having to have her shower and bath wall repaired, haha…) We never actually spoke to a contractor despite repeated attempts to contact. Finally, around March/April this year, a contractor came to assess the damage. The repair didn't get carried out until June or July, so all in all, 8 MONTHS after we reported the damage. 4. In November 2017, our shower drain became completely blocked very suddenly, over a weekend. We were unable to get in touch with PM so we contacted our block management company, who asks that plumbing/electrical works be carried out by specific companies. We were advised to call Aquatech, which we did, only to be admonished by PM when we explained the issue to them afterwards. The procedure they follow for emergency maintenance is in no way elucidated on the contract so we just did what was necessary, in a transparent and quick manner. 5. When we moved out of the flat in September 2018, we cleaned meticulously and very carefully. The pictures we took after our final cleaning speak for themselves, especially when compared to move-in pictures. We paid special attention to the floorboards, cabinets, limescale, the windows, cleaning the linoleum floors etc. Somehow, we still got charged for oven cleaning (which we had done) and for “general cleaning” which just seems ridiculous. We consulted whether to try to dispute these charges which were clearly arbitrary (and absurd, considering how disgusting the flat was when we moved in), but determined that we would rather lose £91 than fight another battle with PM. In general, we found that with enough pressure and repeated requests, PM did eventually respond to us when we needed help. Maybe this was a symptom of extreme business, but it came across as apathetic and unresponsive, which is not what to look for in a letting agency. Almost unfailingly, the agents we dealt with talked to us (and emailed us) in a clipped and disrespectful tone, as though we were a nuisance and not deserving of their time. Perhaps this was a cultural difference, but I find that a sad excuse for treating people (especially young, foreign people) in a rude and dismissive manner. Please consider these factors before deciding whether to use PM as your letting agency. I know that all experiences are unique, but our primary contact with PM during our tenancy, Jill Brewster, specifically asked us to leave us a review, be it negative or positive- so I hope ours can be of some warning, and perhaps spark some motivation to do better within Property Moves.

2018-11-08 20:11:56


I have been with Property Moves for over 20 years and have always found them to be very professional and willing to help when problems arise, I would happily recommend them .

2018-11-08 20:00:24


In my approx 20 years I have gotten to know a lot of the team. Jill is the first one I turn to when I need assistance. She makes time to understand the problem and gets resolution to a high standard and does more than she needs too. I have had nothing but 1st Class service from Jill!

2018-11-08 11:41:41


Jez took great care in identifying our requirements as landlords and worked quickly to find a tenant to match them. He was available all through the process to answer our questions and talk us through the steps - we were happy with his advice and felt he was committed to finding us the right outcome. Professional and thorough.

2018-11-08 11:00:01


I have been renting with Property moves for a year and a half. I have found all the team helpful. Particularly Jill Brewster who has been quick and efficient in dealing with any issues that have arisen. Would definitely recommend.

2018-11-07 22:00:24


Matthew was always professional & polite. Sent me relevant property for my criteria and always followed up nicely without being pushy!

2018-11-07 21:00:20


I was a bit worried moving from Denmark to UK because I knew it would be tough finding an apartment and getting approved etc. But when I first found the right place for me, Property Med helped med with all my questions and were very flexible with requests and quick to respond. Thanks for making it easy to move to a new place and country.

2018-11-07 14:06:33

Mr Wheele

I am very delighted with the wonderful property management service that all the staff have provided me with from property Moves. Many thanks.

2018-11-05 16:01:23


Jill continues to be fantastic. She has a great manner and demeanour. She is very responsive, takes on issues and presents solutions to them. It is great to have the feeling that she is taking on responsibilities with you and following up so that issues do not get lost or unaddressed. I feel very confident when Jill is involved in any dealings with Property Moves.

2018-11-05 15:13:57

Jane Stabler

Jez made an excellent and intuitive choice of tenant for me in 2014. The process was very smooth and I felt well supported and continue to do so when we renew our tenancy agreement annually. My tenants have been excellent and I hope I have also been a good landlord. Rightmove is a very professional agency and I would not hesitate to recommend them to future landlords and tenants.

2018-11-01 15:44:16

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